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thyssenkrupp nucera is the beginning of a new era defined by clean energy supply with green hydrogen at industrial scale. 

The dramatic need to act against the climate change requires dramatic impact. Now. We can. We want. We will be the relevant part of the transformation towards an industry powered by clean energy. Because the urgency and willingness to act and the increasing  availability of renewable energy opens up a real opportunity to succeed – with the right technology.  


60 years' experience

For more than 60 years' experience and more than 10 GW installed in the chemical industry our proven technology and the unique expertise in electrolysis puts us in an outstanding position.

Chemical engineering DNA

Now we are ready to do pioneering work once more. With our chemical engineering DNA, we have built the solid basis for a technology that is to become a leading partner in the energy market. This is no more “business as usual". This is a huge opportunity and a promise to our future. This is a strong belief and our leading purpose for the next generation.

The responsibility to deliver

Because we have the ability and the responsibility to deliver. Starting on the largest installed capacity, we ramp up to large-scale mass production, increasing standardization and a modularized product business. We know, we can achieve a whole new speed – and actually, we have to.

The biggest paradigm shift since the industrial revolution

We are looking at the biggest paradigm shift since the industrial revolution. We now face the tremendous task to rethink existing infrastructures and build up new sustainable value chains. And we are all in this together. Following this mission, we are growing as the agile team that combines and unleashes the power of the most experienced specialists and the most passionate young experts.

The best technology partners

We already collaborate with the best technology partners and advanced specialists around the world within one company for many years. Our combined story is unique. The ability to bring different partners together in order to achieve the best solutions becomes one of the core competences for future business.

We are thyssenkrupp nucera

Open minded. Collaborative. Innovative. So, we can involve more partners, more industries, more allies, more people that strive for the same goal – to have a significant impact by transforming electrons into molecules at gigawatt scale. For a climate-neutral world. We will be the pacemaker and pave the way into a new era. We are thyssenkrupp nucera.

Join us!

We are ready to do pioneering work. With our chemical engineering DNA, we have built the solid basis for a technology that is to become a leading partner in the energy market.  This is no more “business  as  usual”. This is a huge opportunity and a promise to our  future. This is a strong belief and our leading purpose for the next generation. Join us!

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Highest health & safety standards and a wide range of health promotion and healthcare activities.



We have various financial models to give you individual support.



Collegiality is of huge importance – we treat everyone with respect and appreciation.



Training and education programs to help you develop professionally and personally.

Compensation & benefits

Compensation & benefits

Fair working conditions and competitive pay are an important basis for us.



We promote an open and tolerant work culture.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

We guarantee regular working hours to support work-life balance.

Creative leeway

Creative leeway

We offer a work environment in which you can try out new solutions in a no blame culture.


Vacation and paid time off

Paid vacation, sick leave and personal days.



We act with responsibility and environmental awareness. We support sociopolitical initiatives and focus on resource efficiency.



Individual and personal support to help you get started in your new job.

Interview with hydrogen expert Dr. Christoph Noeres

To build a green hydrogen economy, water electrolysis plants are needed on a gigawatt scale. And this is exactly what thyssenkrupp nucera can provide. 

Christoph Noeres, Head of Green Hydrogen thyssenkrupp nucera

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Want to join us?

We are growing as the agile team that combines and unleashes the power of the most experienced specialists and the most passionate young experts. Do you want to join us?

+++ WARNING against unlawful offers of pre-IPO shares +++

thyssenkrupp AG has informed BaFin that individual persons have received pre-IPO offers to purchase shares in its subsidiary thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers / thyssenkrupp nucera from third parties.


These offers are unlawful and originate neither from thyssenkrupp AG nor from thyssenkrupp subsidiaries.


Further information including the names of the currently known unfair offerors can be found on the BaFin website: EB Finanz, Greenrock Financial (in German).