Electrical Engineer

thyssenkrupp nucera is the beginning of a new era defined by clean energy supply with green Hydrogen at industrial scale. thyssenkrupp nucera offers world-leading technologies for high-efficiency electrolysis plants, specially Chlor-Alkali plants to produce Caustic Soda along with Chlorine and Hydrogen, Alkaline Water electrolysis to produce green Hydrogen along with Oxygen and HCl electrolysis to produce valuable Chlorine product along with Hydrogen. The company, a Joint Venture with Industrie De Nora, has extensive in-depth knowledge in the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of electrochemical plants and a strong track record of more than 600 projects with a total rating of over 10 gigawatts already successfully installed. With its water electrolysis technology to produce green hydrogen, the company offers an innovative solution on an industrial scale for green value chains and an industry fueled by clean energy – a major step towards climate-neutrality.

Your responsibilities

In this role you will work as Support Engineer or Area Engineer – Electrical in nucera global and Indian Projects. You will be expected to


  • perform equipment sizing calculations and related documents in accordance with applicable standards, established formats and general guidelines.
  • prepare field engineering drawings (Power, Earthing & Lighting Layouts), single line diagrams, schematic drawings, block diagrams, etc.
  • prepare documentation, including specifications/control philosophies, tender documentation, schedules of prices and cost estimates.
  • perform technical procurement services like technical evaluation of offers/proposals received from the vendors and make technical recommendation
  • perform factory and site acceptance tests of electrical equipment.
  • use engineering tools / software such as COMOS, SPEL, ETAP, AutoCAD, E3D etc.
  • ensure that drawings and documents prepared shall meet quality requirements.
  • co-ordinate with other disciples (for exchange of required input/output) to achieve the common goal of project completion (i.e. on time and with required quality).
  • Electrical Engineering technical assistance to the site.


Your profile

  • Completed university studies as a graduate engineer or comparable master’s degreee, E. / B. Tech. in Electrical engineering.
  • Several years, Min. 5 years of professional experience in the aforementioned areas of responsibility, ideally in the field of chemical plant engineering, construction and commissioning. Chemical Plant Operation also acceptable
  • Structured and focused work, initiative, teamwork and sociability skills
  • Strong customer orientation, willingness to innovate and intercultural competence
  • Willingness to travel local & worldwide
  • Good English language skills and also communication skills
  • Experienced handling of engineering tools and data bank applications
  • Having professional experience in Electrolyser projects execution through a reputed engineering company is added advantage
  • Having production experience in Electrolyser plants is added advantage

Your benefits

Electrolysis – Green Hydrogen & Chlor Alkali Technology Provider for a livable planet.                            
Working on Global clients.                            
You will be part of new establishment for upcoming generation.                            
Company believes in Innovation and Employee Empowerment.                            
Excellent work culture                            



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