25 – 
26 Oct, 2022

Livestream from European Hydrogen Week 2022


About the event

The European Hydrogen Week is the biggest annual event dedicated to hydrogen under the lead of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and its members, the European Commission, Hydrogen Europe, and Hydrogen Europe Research. The three-day event brings industry, institution, and academia leaders together, and includes all stakeholders involved in the production, distribution, and use of global renewable energy.

We will be in Brussels with a two-day program at our nucera purple booth which we will stream live on LinkedIn and YouTube.

Everything you need to know about the event

Public-private partnership dialogue

Matthijs Soede (EU Commission), Dr. Christoph Noeres (Head of Green Hydrogen thyssenkrupp nucera). How can we accelerate the ramp-up of the green hydrogen economy, especially regarding the deployment of electrolyzers? Matthijs Soede (EU Commission) will talk about the current challenges with Dr. Christoph Noeres (Head of Green Hydrogen thyssenkrupp nucera). Government perspective and company perspective, both will be discussed in a dialogue at the European Hydrogen Week at booth 14 in Brussels – and in our livestream on LinkedIn. You shouldn’t miss it!

thyssenkrupp nucera expert pitches

Hubertus Rosenow (Head of Quality Management thyssenkrupp nucera), Paul Dainora (Head of Business Development thyssenkrupp nucera), Ulf Bäumer (Head of Service & Innovation Center thyssenkrupp nucera). Our experts talk about hot topics and frequently asked questions in green hydrogen: Standardization & certification, as well as Industrial applications and proof points of thyssenkrupp nucera’s AWE technology. Check out our 5-minute expert pitches live from our booth at the European Hydrogen Week 2022 with a moderated Q&A afterwards.


Watch our Livestream

Steady trickle or big splash – which type of projects do we need for the ramp up of the hydrogen economy?


Green hydrogen solutions

The increasing availability of renewable energy opens up a real opportunity to succeed in the fight against climate change. Our proven large-scale water electrolysis technology enables you to transform into net zero and create a carbon-free industry.

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Whether you need support with a small or large project – as a global leader in chlor-alkali electrolysis with more than 600 electrolysis projects worldwide and more than 10 GW installed in the chemical industry, we will provide you with the right solution.

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Discover the advantages of recovering chlorine from hydrogen chloride or hydrochloric acid with our technologies.

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To ensure you obtain the best possible performance from your electrolyzers, thyssenkrupp nucera offers a holistic service portfolio supported by our global network and expertise.

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