10 May, 2023

World Hydrogen Summit Rotterdam 2023


About the event

The World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition 2023 is an annual leading conference focused on the global hydrogen economy. The event is usually held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, which is an important hub for the international hydrogen market. It provides an opportunity to discuss recent developments in hydrogen technology, policy developments and regulatory frameworks, as well as to bring together investors and industry leaders to discuss investment and financing opportunities in the hydrogen industry.

Topics to be discussed at the World Hydrogen Summit include the development of hydrogen as an energy storage device, the integration of hydrogen into existing energy infrastructures, the use of hydrogen in mobility and industrial processes, and the role of hydrogen in decarbonizing the energy supply. We will be in Rotterdam with a livestream from our nucera purple booth which we will stream live on YouTube.

Experience our Virtual Reality hydrogen park

Dive into a new dimension of thyssenkrupp nucera! Our technology is now tangible in our thyssenkrupp nucera hydrogen park. Get involved and explore the present and future of green energy at industrial scale in a unique VR journey.

Join us for our livestream with Shell and Port of Rotterdam!

To reach global ambitious climate and green hydrogen production goals, large-scale green hydrogen ecosystems are needed, comprising large-scale projects, technologies, and infrastructure

Industry best practice and challenges for establishing large-scale renewable hydrogen ecosystems

In our livestream, Paul Bogers (VP Hydrogen, Shell), Jeroen Steens (Director Commercial & Delivery, Port of Rotterdam) and Werner Ponikwar (CEO, thyssenkrupp nucera) discuss the need for large-scale green hydrogen ecosystems, what it takes to realize them, what the challenges are, and the importance of collaboration along the value chain – not only across sectors but, most significantly, across borders. The large-scale green hydrogen project Holland Hydrogen I by Shell and thyssenkrupp nucera in the Port of Rotterdam serves as a best practice example for the reconstruction and new connection of existing infrastructure.


Watch our Livestream

Steady trickle or big splash – which type of projects do we need for the ramp up of the hydrogen economy?


Green hydrogen solutions

The increasing availability of renewable energy opens up a real opportunity to succeed in the fight against climate change. Our proven large-scale water electrolysis technology enables you to transform into net zero and create a carbon-free industry.

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Whether you need support with a small or large project – as a global leader in chlor-alkali electrolysis with more than 600 electrolysis projects worldwide and more than 10 GW installed in the chemical industry, we will provide you with the right solution.

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Discover the advantages of recovering chlorine from hydrogen chloride or hydrochloric acid with our technologies.

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To ensure you obtain the best possible performance from your electrolyzers, thyssenkrupp nucera offers a holistic service portfolio supported by our global network and expertise.

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