Hydrogen Americas Summit

October 2-3, 2023, Washington D.C.

More than 3,000 leaders from various sectors of the industry’s value chain come together at Hydrogen North America Conference & Exhibition. This group includes government officials, hydrogen and energy players, service providers, and those involved in off-taking. They will present their most recent technologies, project advancements, and policy frameworks.


Meet us at booth A20 or attend the panel discussion featuring Jürgen Grasinger, Managing Director US, thyssenkrupp nucera. Here’s what it’s about:



12:00 pm EST

Scaling Up Electrolysis for Large Scale End-Use

At the panel at Hydrogen Americas Summit & Exhibition, the panelists will discuss Scaling Up Electrolysis for Large Scale End-Use, including:

  • Challenges and opportunities in scaling up electrolysis
  • Integrating for e-fuels, e-methanol and ammonia productions
  • Electrolyser technology developments: lowering costs for clean hydrogen production
  • Establishing a hydrogen innovation pipeline to deliver market confidence
  • Meeting key challenges in the built environment with clean tech innovation
  • Considering cost externalities within CAPEX and OPEX projections
  • Challenges for the Power Grid when scaling up electrolysis


Tim Hard, SVP Energy Transition, Argus Media


Bernhard Voll, Senior Technical Expert, SMA Altenso GmbH

John Oyen, Manager of Business Development, ABB

Alex Savelli, Managing Director of Electrolyzers – Americas, Accelera by Cummins

John Gunn, Global Manager of Operations, Energy Transition, Bechtel

Jürgen Grasinger, Managing Director, thyssenkrupp nucera

Tony Cochrane, Chief Commercial Officer, Ceres


60 minutes

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