Reporting misconduct and actual or possible violations of the law and thyssenkrupp nucera’s internal regulations

Whistleblower reports help us to counteract violations at an early stage and limit the damage for our company, our employees, and our business partners. We have therefore set up a Whistleblowing System for contacting us – anonymously if required – to report infringements.


This system for reporting information is open to all thyssenkrupp nucera employees as well as third parties such as customers, suppliers, and others.


The thyssenkrupp nucera Whistleblowing System can be used to report actual or possible violations of applicable laws or internal regulations. You can reach our electronic Whistleblower System here.


Alternatively, violations can be reported via the following email address: whistleblowing@thyssenkrupp-nucera.com or by contacting a thyssenkrupp nucera Compliance Officer directly.


Reports received will be checked and handled by a Compliance Officer of thyssenkrupp nucera.  Follow-up communication between the Compliance Officer and the whistleblower takes place, anonymously if desired, via a Secure Inbox, which is set up automatically by the system.


thyssenkrupp nucera and its Function Legal & Compliance safeguard the interests of the whistleblower not only by providing such secure external Whistleblowing System, but also by providing assurances that all information received will be treated in confidence, and that all means at our disposal will be used to protect whistleblowers acting in good faith from any disadvantages as a result of their disclosures. During its investigations, thyssenkrupp nucera will also strive to protect the legitimate interests of other persons affected by a disclosure. Casting suspicion on another person can have serious consequences for that person. Therefore, it is essential that the Whistleblowing System is used responsibly.


Violations regarding the International Framework Agreement  (thyssenkrupp internal HR violations) can be reported here to representatives on the International Committee and the Labor Relations department at thyssenkrupp AG or via frameworkagreement@thyssenkrupp.com

You can find more information on thyssenkrupp nucera’s Whistleblowing Rules of Procedure and the processing of personal data that can be downloaded on this page.

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