Global process harmonization necessitates a strategic approach that streamlines operations, boosts efficiency, and ensures uniformity across diverse locations. Aligning standard processes with certified ISO standards at each local entity of thyssenkrupp nucera fosters a united organizational culture that prioritizes health, safety, quality, energy, and environmental sustainability. Our dedication to excellence is not only to reinforce our operations but also highlights our commitment to health, safety, environment, energy and quality.

The ISO 9001 certification ensures consistent quality in products or services, which is a significant advantage for our customers.
The ISO 14001 certification focuses on environmental management, which is increasingly important to protect our environment and foster a sustainability approach.
The ISO 45001 certification is for occupational health and safety. Our products or services services are produced or delivered in a safe working environment. ISO 45001 certification assures customers that we prioritize the health and safety of our employees, reducing risks associated with accidents or health hazards.  
ISO 50001 certification for Germany is focused on energy management. Our customers benefit from this certification as it demonstrates the company’s commitment to reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency. This can lead to lower environmental impact, potentially lower costs for our customers, and a reduced carbon footprint associated with the products or services.  
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