We shape
the new era.

What we do

thyssenkrupp nucera marks the beginning of a new era defined by clean energy supply with green hydrogen at industrial scale. Our track record: over 50 years’ experience and +10 GW successfully installed in the chemical industry. With our extensive in-depth knowledge in the engineering, procurement, and construction of electrochemical plants and our large-scale solutions for green value chains, we take a major step towards climate-neutrality and a new industry ecosystem.

Our purpose:

We shape the new era.

Our vision:

#1 provider for hydrogen and chlorine technologies

Our mission:

With passion for innovation, we enable our customers to make superior electrolysis products and minimize the CO2 footprint.

Our Board

Werner Ponikwar

Werner Ponikwar


Arno Pfannschmidt


Fulvio Federico


Shaping History for More Than 50 Years

Power source of the future: As governments and companies worldwide hone in on net-zero, hydrogen turns out to be the missing puzzle piece in the energy transition. The market is developing rapidly, and so is our business. With chemical engineering at the heart of our DNA, we have built the solid basis for a technology that is to become a leading part/ner in the energy market.  


The roots: Our proven experience and know-how in industrial, large-scale electrolysis begins with the founding of Uhde’s electrolysis division (Germany) in 1960 and Chlorine Engineers Corp. Ltd. (Japan) in 1973.


Early successes: With Uhde's first BM single element membrane technology (1984) and Chlorine Engineers’ first product of the BiTAC family with zero-gap technology (1994), we lay foundations for becoming a global market leader in chlor-alkali membrane electrolysis.


Steadily advancing: UHDENORA S.p.A. (Italy), a joint venture between Uhde and Industrie De Nora, now centers our knowledge and technology. Together with Uhde, De Nora and Covestro, we develop the HCl-ODC technology process and open the first industrial HCl-ODC reference plant in Germany.


Joining forces: After Uhde separates its electrolysis business into a standalone company called thyssenkrupp Electrolysis GmbH, we establish the joint venture between thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and Industrie De Nora called thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (2015).


A key milestone: Together, we continue the research and development for hydrogen production with electrolysis at our Carbon2Chem® 2 MW green hydrogen demonstration plant in Duisburg. Simultaneously, we stay true to our heritage and release the latest version of the BiTAC family.


In July, we sign an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Air Products for large-scale electrolysis plants to be developed in key regions.


We become a founding member of the German H2Global foundation. Also, we take the lead in H2Giga, a hydrogen lead project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Moreover, Air Products awards us a contract to install a more than 2 GW electrolysis plant in NEOM.


We partner with Shell to engineer, procure and fabricate a major 200 MW hydrogen facility in the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Finally, thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers becomes thyssenkrupp nucera, paving the way into a new era of transformation and clean energy.

Investors: We conduct an open dialogue with all market participants worldwide.

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