11 – 
12 Jun, 2024

Hydrogen Americas Summit & Exhibition 2024

Washington D.C.
Ronald Regan Int. Trade Center, B10
Hydrogen Americas 2023

Meet our Team

Paul Dainora

Head of Business Development Green Hydrogen

Arvind Datta

Sr. Business Development and Sales Manager

Eric Lavoisier

Sr. Business Development and Sales Manager

About the event

The Hydrogen Americas Summit 2024 is the premier gathering for the global hydrogen community in the Americas region. Taking place on June 11-12, 2024, at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington D.C., this event brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and pioneers to drive clean hydrogen projects, policies, and partnerships.

Join us at booth B10 to shape the future of clean energy.

Learn more about the event at Hydrogen Americas Summit.


Here are our thyssenkrupp nucera highlights at the event.

Electrolyzer Technology Developments: Showcasing World Class Excellence in Technology (Session 5)

with Paul Dainora, Head of Business Development Green Hydrogen at thyssenkrupp nucera

Virtual Reality Experience

Explore a new realm of thyssenkrupp nucera at booth B10! Experience our technology firsthand at the thyssenkrupp nucera hydrogen park. Engage with us and discover the current and future of green energy on an industrial scale through our immersive VR experience.



Green hydrogen solutions

The increasing availability of renewable energy opens up a real opportunity to succeed in the fight against climate change. Our proven large-scale water electrolysis technology enables you to transform into net zero and create a carbon-free industry.

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Whether you need support with a small or large project – as a global leader in chlor-alkali electrolysis with more than 600 electrolysis projects worldwide and more than 10 GW installed in the chemical industry, we will provide you with the right solution.

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Discover the advantages of recovering chlorine from hydrogen chloride or hydrochloric acid with our technologies.

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To ensure you obtain the best possible performance from your electrolyzers, thyssenkrupp nucera offers a holistic service portfolio supported by our global network and expertise.

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